Saturday, August 6, 2011

Collecting Hats Is Serious Business - 60's Mod

We at Pearl Modern absolutely adore mod style. We are attracted to the sharp architectural cuts, clean lines and futuristic optimism present in clothing and design made in the mid 1960's. Mod style is as radical as punk rock, but in a way that is so distilled that its psychology is elusive to anyone lacking an educated and refined eye. What may look like a simple white coat is actually a complex structure, perfectly balanced in geometry but that sits slightly askew, causing the odd passer-by to look twice and then come to the conclusion that this garment is the most stylish white coat they have ever seen. 

Mod styling incorporates wit and whimsy into the details, for instance, whether you're exaggerating the bend in a brim of a hat to cast a mask-like shadow across the face or by cutting a hem on a radical diagonal or by lining buttons up like a game of tic-tac-toe, just because it looks cool - you are stretching your imagination of what is possible aesthetically, but within the confines of a purist's tent.

Below is a shot from a 1965 space age photo shoot, featuring cutting edge fashion from Pierre Cardin.

As far as hats go, we collect and sell every sort of chic topper from the 1920's through the 1970's, as long as we can imagine wearing them ourselves. For me personally, I get strangely excited when I see an almost abnormally tall, velveteen helmet with a cocky, slightly arrogant brim and a girly, sweet leatherette bow. Call me eccentric, but what could be more fun than wearing a fantasie on the top of your head, perched like a folly, like a canary's cage or simply like a hat that will make that random stranger say "Damn, that hat is awesome".

Below is a sunny, mod 60's Empress Marché exclusive melusine fur felt hat.

Below is a slick, 60's mod take on a classic Trilby as done by Betmar.

                                                                                                                                      available here

Below is an illustration of an Adolfo hat from the 1960s.

Below is a photo of the iconic 60's model Peggy Moffitt.

Below is another 1960s Adolfo hat illustration.

Below is a plum velvet bubble hat, made in Italy in the 1960s, exclusively for Marshall Field & Company.
                                                                                                                                       available here

Below is a great photo of Sophia Loren trying on hats in Rome.

Below is a beautiful photo of Jean Seberg from 1969 taken at the time of her film "Pendulum".

Below are two views of an English made 1960's emerald green bubble cloche hat.

                                                                                                                                          available here

Below is a photo of the amazing Faye Dunaway in a giant white hat.

Last, we have a photo from 1963 of a model wearing a Pierre Cardin ensemble with a fantastic graphic hat. Doesn't she resemble a mod Kirsten Dunst?


  1. What a fun look back at hat fashions! I love some of the mod photos you have here, great finds.